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The following sections detail the data security and online information gathering and dissemination policies for this website:

This Online Privacy Policy was last updated on: June 5, 2023

For this documentl, "This Site", refers to the website at :

Information Collection:

This Site uses a contact form for website visitors who wish to contact us via the Internet. This form requires users to provide specific contact information (like their name and e-mail address) and demographic information (like their zip code and phone number). We use customer contact information from this form to send the individual information about our company. The customer’s contact information is also used to contact the visitor when necessary and notify them of new products and services when they become available. Users/Customers may opt-out of receiving future mailings; see the choice/opt-out section below.

This Site collects customer registration information when a user chooses to purchase or download products on this website. This Site provides an option for the user to not receive any communications via email during the registration process. This Site does not collect or store any financial information. This Site contracts with a third party payment processor to process payments for products and services sold on this website. This Site has no access to customer credit card or billing information provided when purchasing products or services on this website.

Cookies and Site Traffic Usage Tracking:

This Site uses cookies in certain parts of our site to increase site security and usability. These cookies do not record your personal information and are used only to enhance the online experience at this website. (Example: For login security to the MyAccount Area, To Display Customer’s Order History, For Shopping Cart Functionality, etc.)

This Site records the IP Address, general geographic region, browser type, referring URL and other non-personal information of all visitors to track the popularity and usability of this website. Information collected for website usage statistics does not contain personal information about the website user(s) and is not shared with other companies. Site Traffic Reports are only available to  site administrators.

This Site also uses Google Analytics to record site traffic to this website. General user statistics such as geographic region, browser type, referring URL and other non-personal information of visitors is recorded by Google Analytics and used by Site Store Professional only to enhance the user experience and track online marketing campaigns referrals. This information is not sold or shared with any other third party.

This Site may use a live-chat support system that allows site administrators to initiate chat requests to site visitors. The live chat system is NOT contracted out to a third party and is managed completely on our own servers. Personal information is not collected during the live chat requests or live chat sessions. However, IP address, non-personal geographical information and user browser information is displayed to the live chat operator during site visits and live chat sessions to assist with product support inquiries. This information is not retained after the live chat session or when the user leaves this website.

Information Release/Sharing Policy:

This Site will not sell any information provided to this website under any circumstances. This Site will not release or share any information to any third-party, company or government agency unless required by court-ordered subpoena by local, state or federal law enforcement.

External Website Links:

This Site contains links to other websites. We do not release any personal information provided to to these other websites under any circumstances. This Site does not endorse or guarantee the privacy practices of websites that are accessed via links on This Site nor do we endorse or guarantee any products or services accessed on external websites.

Information Security And Data Storage:

This site has strict security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the all information under our control. All information provided to This Site is stored on secured, firewalled servers. 

Registration information and orders are processed over a secure (SSL) connection to prevent the interception of data during the transmission from the user’s computer to our server(s).

Correct/Update Email and/or Opt-Out Of Receiving Email Communications:

This Site gives users/customers the option for updating their information and to not receive future communications regarding our products and services.

Registered users can login to their account at and change their email reception preference in the My Profile section and update any incorrect or outdated information in their customer information.

Contacting This Site

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