CDN Sample Product

The product image on this item and background video are both loaded from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) source instead of being stored on the site's hosting account.
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All features, formatting and styling for this item, as well as this entire demo site, were set directly from the admin and required no customization to the default CMS or shopping cart feature-set.

The image and background video for this item are being loaded from a CDN.  You can either upload your images or videos to your webserver (hosting account) or enter direct links to your media files using external URLs.

The image load type (local or CDN) and the item layout are not dependent on each other. All item layouts can load images from either the same server (i.e. direct upload from the admin) or via a external URL (remote server / CDN) or a combination of both methods at the same time.

This specific item was formatted with the online product manager to demonstrate how an item can be styled completely differently from the rest of the store item's without requiring any direct code access or cart customizations and without affecting the other items on the store. All items have a custom CSS field where you can add optional CSS rules that override the site-wide default CSS.

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