Digital Marketing Seminar

Up Your Digital Marketing IQ!

Digital Marketing Seminar

This is an example workshop that has multiple dates with individual inventory levels (attendee | space availability) for each session. 

This sample event also utilizes some other built-in item display features such as a full-width header image and a content background image. Both of those optional image features are controlled directly from the product manager (admin) and require no page customization or programming.
Registration is no longer available for this event since it has already occurred.

Don't Miss Our Digital Marketing Seminar!

Three different dates this month!

From marketing basics such as adwords, social media and email campaigns to advanced online advertising strategies that utilize multi-channel promotions,  our Marketing workshop will teach you how to successfully expand your business with digital marketing.

This sample event shows you how you have the same event with different dates and each date can have a specific inventory level. All content on this page was created without any custom programming. The image gallery and image slideshow features can be added to any item or page with the included shortcode features.

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