Invoice Example

Thiis online invoice example is a "product" that has not been marked as shippable, downloadable or an event and therefore it can be used as a simple and quick client billing method.  Since shipping and tax will not be calculated, the order total will be the price of the item without any additional fees. You can even include a PDF invoice payment receipt and a custom confirmation page specific for the client (if required).

This item has a max QTY of 1 with an inventory value of one (1) and the QTY field is hidden. Since the inventory (stock level) is set at (1),  once the item is purchased, it will be automatically disabled so the client cannot accidently pay for the invoice twice. After the invoice has been paid, if the invoice URL is revisited, a message will be automatically displayed to the client that the invoice has already been paid.

This item is also marked to be excluded from the public search results so it cannot be located unless the URL is sent directly to the client. The  breadcrumb links, media (images) area, sharing buttons area and the product information tabs area are all turned off to present this minimalized display. If required , you can also secure the invoice with a client access code by embedding the invoice on a secured CMS page.

Invoice Amount:
You did not enter the order minimum amount for this item. The minimum number you can purchase of this item is: (0)
You have exceeded the max number of items allowed for this item. The maximum number (QTY) you can purchase of this item is: (0)
The quantity you entered exceeds the number currently available for purchase. The maximum number you can purchase of this item is: (0)